About the Artist


Living and working on Bainbridge Island, Washington, I began my stained glass studio seven years ago after enjoying a career as an architect with the National Park Service and in the private sector.

My parents were also artists in the second half of their lives.  I wish that they could be here now, so we could work together and chat.  As a child, I spent hours watching my father painstakingly refinishing antiques and bring old wood pieces to satiny life; and then my mother would paint those pieces with beautiful folk art designs.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but they were pointing the way to what I’d love doing at the same time of my life.

A trip to Italy with the World Rowing Tour as well as an architectural trip to Barcelona were inspirational in the design of the lamps.  The modern shapes show off the colors of the glass whether or not the lamps are turned on.  For all my pieces, I travel to to the Bullseye Glass factory in Portland, Oregon where I’m able to handpick from a rainbow of colors and types of glass.

Away from the studio, I volunteer on the island and enjoy road trips with my pup, Toby, exploring all corners of the Pacific Northwest and the Oregon Coast.  

Since February 24, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I have only been making pieces of art to donate or auction, with all the proceeds going to the Ukrainian Association of Washington.  They use those funds to buy sorely needed medical supplies for Ukraine. You can see these works advertised on my site as “For Ukraine”, and you can trust that 100% of that sale will be going to help Ukraine in its fight.  

Thanks so much for visiting my website. Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions about commissions or available artworks.